I just received my monthly carton of beers from the micro Beer Club of which I am a member and have been since it began maybe four years ago.

Usually the monthly delivery has twelve stubby size bottles of Australian Craft Beer,  the last few deliveries has had ten stubbies and one 500ml bottle. ( The six different beers).

Tonight I had a Barrow Boys Pale Ale  5.2% which the untappd site calls an American Pale Ale and a Brookes IPA 5.2%

Both reasonably decent beers, the Brookes darker than the Barrows but I thought the Barrows a heavily hopped  beer, though neither was overly aggressively hoped nor where they particularly bitter. writing this a couple of hours after drinking the beers it is hard to say which one I preferred though perhaps the Barrow Boys came in by a smidgin.

While only one of the two beers tonight was an American Pale generally speaking I am beginning to think that there are by and large getting to be to many APA’s altogether. I am not a big hop man and I think or at least hope that there are a lot of other styles available , and if there isn’t then there is something wrong with the whole  craft beer  scene.


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