I sent the link to my post on the 22/2/2015  to the Grain Store to give them the chance to read it and respond if they wanted to as they may have had some issue with what I had written,

The did answer and I have reprinted it below, I have read it several times and as I read it  they are not disagreeing with my views of my visit but are stating that wheat beers and saison are on tap when available, I just happened to go on the wrong day. I am more than happy with their response and I will just have to go back again sometime and see whats on tap then.

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for the mention but just to clear up a few of your points we usually always run a Hefe/wheat on tap 6 but Six String were out for a few days hence the Golden Ale on that tap but was only off for about 4 days, & you would of just missed the Bridge Rd Chevalier Saison (Australia’s best Saison in my opinion) on tap 3 prior to Bling Bling going on, Saison are not always available in Australia but when we can get our hands on them we definitely pour them. We are dedicated to pouring local 100% independent craft beer from our taps so getting an Aussie Lambic is very challenging but again when available we certainly do get them on our taps.

We pride ourselves in offering a great variety of styles across our taps, but as you have mentioned the crowd really drink predominately IPA & Pales hence their dominance, hopefully you noticed being able to grab a glass of stout on tap in the midst of summer is somewhat of a rarity.

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