Went to the Grain Store for a bit of dinner(see picture) and a couple of beers, This appears to be the bar most given to craft beers in town, at least as far as I fond out in the short time in town Between us we had a Feral Hop Hog, American IPA 5.8% -A Big Shed American Brown Ale called a FranckenBROWN 4.6%, – a Murrays Fred American IPA 6%, on the hand pump, – a Bridge Road Bling Bling, Imperial IPA 8.4% -a Cavalier Pils  5.0%and a Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale 4.8%.

The Bling Bling was the beer of the visit, followed by the Big Shed Brown.. So many American IPA’s that it is almost becoming boring,. Not a wheat beer or a saison insight unless I had gone to the German restaurant and I very nearly did. I suppose it is what the masses want but it would be good to see a bit of a wider view. After all not every body is a hop head, lets go mad and toss a Lambic beer into the mix. The Grain Store was quite busy when we where there, it seems a very popular place and for good reason.

IMG_0445 IMG_0443


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