I had three Beavertown cans of beer bought from Leura Cellars tonight.
A Beavertown Neck Oil English Pale Ale; 4.3%.  This was very heady when pouring, travelling by motor bike may have had something to do with that,
I got a hint of lemon or some other citrus aroma on opening the tin, the hops where noticeable but not overpowering, nice colour, a little cloudy but no sediment that I noticed. A very sessionable beer
Beavertown Gammaray American Pale Ale.  Darker bigger taste more bitter heady but not as much as the first one, not such a big aroma on opening the tin. While this may not be quite as sessionable still a nice beer which should keep the hop heads happy
after taste stays with you for a while, Maybe the Neck Oils bigger brother.
Best for last.
Beavertown Black Betty, Black IPA/Cascadian Dark Ale &.4%
This is a black ,malty, bitter, hoppy beer, not as much head on pouring as the other two.
Very easy to drink,I wouldnt have minded a couple more. I have said bitter and hoppy which it is as both are clearly evident but not as much as some, maybe even most nowadays. To me that makes it a much better balanced  beer, and much closer to the style I prefer
Three; one; two is the order I would put tonight’s beers in.
I hope some of the other beers from Beavertown will become available soon,
because if the others are as good then they are worth putting on the shelf.
And the can designs are pretty good.



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