I stopped off at Vesta’s in Blackheath for a couple of afternoon beers.
There are only bottled beer available here
quite a nice beer, a little dry , with noticeable hops and a malty caramel taste
La Blonde
This is an extract from the brewery site and is google translated from Italian
(Source : The Brewery Petrognola Style : Blond Ale Artisan clear Colour : Straw yellow veiled Amaro : Determined and persistent Fermentation : High Degrees Alcohol : 5.3%  C Description :is a light beer and light produced mainly with Pilsner malt, a little ‘Carapils and a touch of malted wheat complete the recipe. Hops are used for bittering Perle and Saaz for aroma. Elegant, well carbonated, bitter at the right point, light body and persistent final).
I followed this with a couple of Sol’s, partly because they where cheaper but I also wanted to see what I thought of this beer
I am familiar with some Mexican beers but this was a chance to revisit this one,
My view of the Sol is that it looses its head very quickly and while having a slightly creamy mouthfeel does not have a big taste.
I tried looking this upon the internet but their site is rubbish , just wouldn’t open.           The Petrognola Brewery has a range of twelve beers so if Vestas continues to use this beer as its mainstay it would be great to see some or all  the others get a go..

It is very pleasant sitting in front of having a beer even if we had to keep an eye on the looming storm clouds. Will have to see how it works in winter.


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