Black Dog Brewery, Blood Hound Lager, a typical lager while drinking it but I found it left a long lingering bitter/benzine like taste as a lot of lagers do which is why I don’t usually bother with them. For some reason I couldn’t find any notes on the brewery site but the Crafty Pint listed it as a Vienna Lager, 5.7%

I stopped off at the Hydo Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath to see if there was a beer selling bar .
You could get a beer at the combined cafe gift shop but only bottles
It appears that there is a coktail bar but I was told it is only for live in guests
So I went home and had a beer there
Apart from the view there doesnt seem to be anything worth saying about this hotel
I have been told that it is very expensive and that the meal sizes are very small
but that is only hearsay though I wouldnt be surprised
I will go back sometime and try to get in to the bar through reception
but if that doesnt work it will most likely be my final attempt.

While there are renovation and rebuilding works going on at what many years ago used too be the Road Bar, nobody in the hotel could tell me what was planned for the site. I hope that they re open it as a bar.


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