I went to the restaurant called Flemish Flavours at Leura the other night for a little joint birthday do for my daughter and her son.
This place hasn’t been open all that long and as its name suggests it is specialising in the food and beer of the Flemish region.
As such their are three choices of mussels on the menu along with the other choices, maybe not the longest menu but their should be something for everyone, so long as you like cream because I think everything had a sauce of some kind. The meals, beer wine and drinks for the children average under fifty dollars a head. Food very good and pleasant service.
There is a beer list of eleven beers most if not all from Belgium or close by  and the wine list is supposed to be pretty good though I didn’t pay much attention to that
I had the Titje Witbier ; the Real Belgian Pils and the Triple Karmeliet, both the Wit and the Pils I found nice and easy drinking sessions like beers with the Triple being much more complex, a very pretty beer that had a touch of honey. One of my daughters had a Maredsous Blonde and the other Chimay Blue label before the meal.
All the beers where very good, however I think printed beer notes should be made available, as an example the Chimay Blue while a very good beer was not the right choice for my daughter at the time but she didn’t know the listed beers so went for the one she had heard of. Because I am a beer nerd I had looked at the beer menu on their site and put together notes on them but as my daughter got there before me I wasn’t any initial help
I was told that as a restaurant and not a bar F. Flavours only served bottle beers though there is a small bar area and I would like to see a Belgian wheat or maybe something like a Leffe Blonde on tap, this would be a good addition and I would think most if not all European beers are available in thirty litre eco- kegs, (the plastic throw away kegs) A rotating keg would get me there regularly if only for a beer.  Anyway you never know what the future holds.
IMG_2247 IMG_2280
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