I enjoyed a short afternoons session with my eldest daughter at Bittter Phew in Oxford Street.
A sort of a Dutch courage/sinew stiffener before going to a kids show at the Seymour the next morning.
I don’t usually get to spend time like this with my daughter because she has all these irritating family things that keep her out of action.
So we made the best out of the situation and tried between us, the following beers :

Our beer list
I enjoyed the La Sirene Saison a nice beer to start with for no better reason than I am particularly keen on saison’s and you have to start somewhere
My daughter had Evil twin Ashtray as she has developed a taste for smoke and dark beers and smoke dark beers and she really likes this one.
I tried the La Sirene Bell French Saison for comparison.
Slipped in a small taste of the other saison’s on tap as well
Kooinda Pale Ale  not bad and not over hopped nice beer.

Then we dipped in to the bottled beer list and shared a bottle of the following beers.
Timmermans Kriek sour cherry, there is a lot going on with this beer but I am not sure it was the right time for it.
Flying Couch Dark  Matter Imperial Stout which is what its name implies.
De Mollen; Bozoek De Mollen, it seems ther are two of these one a barrelled aged and one not barrel aged
we had the second one and it is really a brilliant beer, I tried to find  out more about it but having Dutch courage doesn’t help translate the labels.
Bairds Suraga Bay Imperial IPA a nice beer which probably shouldnt have been bracketed between two De Molens
De Mollen Mout and Mocca another very nice Imperial stout
TO OL Mikkeller IIPA this is a 10.5% beer and not as hopped out as I might have expected, thankfully.

We had a chance to talk to the writer of but it it seems I have to become a twitterer to catch up with him,

Bitter Phew was highlighting the La Sirene beers, I have come across them before but only in bottles and not all that often
though I think that they are a bit more readily available nowadays, I don’t know anything about the brewery
but looking at their site it seems as though specialise in the kind of beers that I am keen on.
I will post a bit on the couple of random pubs we dropped in to on our stay in town tomorrow.


BEER LIST                                          AN ASHTRAY AND A SAISON

IMG_0078   IMG_2239

DE MOLEN #1                                                    A REALLY BAD PICTURE OF DE MOLEN #2

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