After having read about interesting beers over the last couple of days I thought  would go to the local bottle shop ( off licence/liquor store) which in my case
is a member of the Ice Box chain. It was very frustrating to find that they didnt have a single “special” beer in the place.
There was the usual array of beers from the big breweries and beers from a few smaller breweries all of which is readily available everywhere, just wasn’t what I was looking for.
There is nothing wrong with these beers as such though some of them are very run of the mill, When asked by what it was I wanted I said perhaps a Belgian or German beer or maybe something from the U.K. but there was nothing. Not even any of the Americn beers that  are becoming very
I was pointed in the direction of a fridge marked imported beers but even half of those beers where produced in this country and the rest where cheap supermarket lagers.
I left empty handed
I went to my, now, very depleted collection of beers (down to four bottles) and pulled out a BODEGAL #287, a Blonde Ale according to untappd but it doesnt say on the label
at least I dont think it does as I cant read Danish. 7.0%abv; Centennial and Perle hops
This beer was brewed in January 2012. Also on the label is 1/500, I am telling myself that means it is the first bottle of a run of 500.
I visited this brewery and posted an item about which I will try to find and link to. I cant work out how to link it yet but it was posted 29 July 2012

This beer poured with quite  good head and plenty of carbonation, the head disappeared quite quickly though.
The aroma on opening the bottle was quite strong and lasted the whole time.
It had a honey taste and a fairly sticky but pleasant mouthfeel.
It did pour a bit muddy towards the end, but maybe I made a mistake by only pouring it half a bottle at a time, next time I will the glasses in one pour.
That will teach me for trying to make it last.



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