I have been having a bit of a think about, among other things, Belgian Beer.
I was looking at the De Molen and Schlenkerla sites a couple of days ago and began to follow a few of the links that where  referred to on them, in particular blog called “Belgian Smaak” which has a lot of very interesting stuff about Belgian beers,
lots of interesting stuff in the archives too by the look of it.
When I began to look at beers as something other than a freezing cold lager from the local pub, I got the impression that Belgian beers,
along with German beers and a few classics from the U.K where the benchmark and every body else was playing catch up.
Then with the rapid growth of the local craft beer/micro brewery scene it seemed that the european beers got pushed well into the background
and only seen on rare occassions.
The highly hopped beer first from America then locally and everywhere else in the world being the big thing, overly hopped beers are not my favorite style by a long way.
Whether or not any or all of the beers highlighted in the sites and blogs will every be readily available I dont know.
Cost of shipping makes it unlikely that I could aquire them myself.
I half heartedly look at having beer sent late last year and the shipping cost three times more than the beer.
So I am finding it very interesting to read about beers from Europe, some I am familiar with a lot completely new to me.
The European brewery sites lead to lots of fascinating beer related information, so long as you don’t do what I do which is to move on from one article to the next
then cant find my way back to the orriginal one.

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