Moving on from the wine bar we went to The Flemish Flavours Restaurant, at least I got a beer here.
All the beers are from the Belgium and  France part of the world to go with their theme or mission statement and I had the Bourgogne de Flandres, Blonde and the Bourgogne de Flandres, Brune, both fruity, the first had a hint of sourness while the second was more sweet and berry flavoured, very nice beers and at $11,00 a bottle, about what you might expect to pay.
There was also three Local beers a White Rabbit a Little Creatures and a Mountain Goat, which ones was not mentioned on the list and I didn’t ask.
I am going back to this place in a couple of weeks for dinner and I will pay more attention to the rest of the beer list then.
Flemish Flavours say that they are a “slow foods’ restaurant and want the food to be authentic to the region.
Mussels seem to be the highlight.
It is a very nice spot, plenty of outside space for the better weather and probably a big fire for the colder months.
 IMG_0083 IMG_0099
                              BLONDE                                                                                      BRUNE
                                                                         FLEMISH FLAVOURS
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