I have just had a quick look at the date of my last post and it seems as though I have had a longer Christmas/New Year break than I thought and so I have some reversing to do as well as going forward.
I dropped in to Vestas of Blackheath the other day. Vestas is more of a restaurant than a bar/restaurant I suppose, though they do have a bar and beer wine and spirits are available for the diner.
I walk or drive past Vestas quite a few times a week and I have never noticed anybody just enjoying a drink on its own, so always supposed that it was grog with meal only.
I had always thought that it was a bit of waste if that was the case as it seems a nice place for a quite drink in the afternoon or evening.
Anyway this time I pulled in a asked if it was possible to just have a drink without a meal.
It appears that I was the first person to go and ask this question and they seemed more than happy to let us sit outside and have a couple of beers.
The beer choice here is very small, at the moment anyway, and quite pricey. No beers on tap. We had a Birra Moretti a Lager at about $8.00 and a couple of Petrognola Blondes and a Petrognola, Ambrata al Farro, a red ale, Italian imported beers at $11,00 a bottle. They also had Asahi and Fat Yak but I cant pay $8.00 for a Yak.
While the Ambrata was, to my mind, the more interesting of the two, the Blonde suited the time and place better
It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so and there is also a small but nice looking courtyard out the back which I may try next time I go.
The meals here are thought to be good and I will have to try them out to see for myself, I have only been here before for a whiskey tasting event with canapés and not a full meal, and that was nice
I took the liberty of suggesting that Vesta might consider looking into the option of adding bar to their operation and would they consider adding a quest beer, possibly once a week or so to pad out their relatively small beer list and maybe provide a bit of incentive for customers, particularly beer minded ones to call in more frequently to see if something interesting is on offer. There must be dozens of interesting beers not commonly found available that could be explored.
I would definitely like to recommend that Vesta,s be tried, and I would like to see it being expanded as a more casual bar, maybe I dont have any influence but I will have a go and I will call in occasionally and at worst make a nuisance of myself.
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