I went along to the Bitter Phew in Sydney for the Scandinavian Tap Take Over held there on the weekend. I got there in the afternoon so there was not a lot of people in yet

I was going to start with  the White IPA but the plumbing seemed to be acting up and it wouldn’t our so I moved on to the next on m list which was The Stronzo Voulez Voulez a saison which is a very nice beer, Easily picked as a saison,with the sourness and fruitiness you might expect from a European Saison.

The staff had a bit of luck so I next had the White IPA from Lervig somewhat dry and bitter but not over the top, a bit on the saison side of easy to drink, while this is a very nice beer I wouldn’t say it was an earth shattering example

Flying Couch Mosaic IPA from Denmark next, Is mosaic a hop? I think it is is. A very “green” tasting and smelling beer which I wondered if it was similar to the sauvin hop from NZ. A lemony,slightly sticky taste with maybe a hint of iodine, a very nice aroma.

Crooked Moon “Bret” IPA, Bret is a yeast strain and is very noticeable in this beer, as an IPA I didn’t think all that much of this beer and as a matter of fact if I had been asked to identify it I would have called it a sour, lambic beer.

Beer Here Jules IPA, a nice not over stated IPA, Good aroma and a taste I want to call leathery, a smell/taste I associate when starting a leatherwork project, It also has a taste of what I relate to as burnt orange marmalade with lime and grapefruit notes.

Reserve Rye , very pale for a rye nice robust but not particularly outstanding

TO OL Black Ball Ballistics sherry and cognac Stout, really a great stout, not surprisingly for a Scandinavian offer and very hard to comment on as there is an awful lot going on with this beer all the way to the bottom of the glass. Peaty and coal.

Mikkellor George (as in George Foreman)Stout, a big beer slightly vegemite, sticky, very heavy, not as good as the TO Ol  to my taste,  but a great

Molotov Cocktail a 13% beer with a fellow drinker This is a totally black super sweet stout from Evil Twin Brewery in Denmark which we had as a comparison to the other to on tap stouts, it is just as well that the last three beers where in small quantities.

All these beers are big beers so three black beers in a row calls for endurance. This beer list is top heavy with IPA’s as seems to be the norm now. I had to be selective with my choice and so may have missed some good stuff.

The full tap take over list is

From NORWAY:-LERVIG Brewery Norway:- Belgian Black Art (Art Collection); Brewers Reserve Konrads Imperial stout; Brewers Reserve Infusion White IPA; Protester IIPA (Art Collection); Brewers Reserve Rye IIPA :_NOGNO Brewery O Porter

From DENMARK:- TO OL Brewery; Sur Mealk, Sour Milk Stout, regrettably not on when I was there; TO OL Jule Maelk Imperial Stout; Crooked Moon Simplistic Pimpshit Bret IPA; Flying Couch Mosaic IPA; Flying Couch Dark Matter Imperial Stout; Beer Here Jule IPA; Beer Here Dead Cat Amber Ale; Stronzo Brewery; Voulez Voulez Frimaerkesamling Saison; Mikkellor Brewery;George Imperial Stout

From Sweden :- Omnipollo Brewery; Nebuchadnezzar

From DENMARK/USA collaboration; Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail IIPA

As you can see I couldnt get through the full list as I was only there for a few hours and would have need the two day at least and maybe that wouldn’t have been enough. My top three where the Stronzo Saison; the Flying Couch Mosaic( maybe the most interesting one; TO OL Jule Maelk Imperial Stout.

I just bought a box of beer for a cousin in the UK from an English online beer shop which had some very interesting looking items a lot of which I have never seen from breweries new to me, including Japan and the US as well as the European breweries

I looked at the cost of sending the same to me here but the cost of shipping was three times the cost of the beer, Pity but what can you do .

IMG_2103 IMG_2107 IMG_2110

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