I went to the Rolling Stone Show held at the Hopes Estate Hunter Valley with my two daughters and a grandson. This was the best of the five Rolling Stones show I have seen and the best stage show I have been to, that probably makes it the best show ever. As I have been to five show the nearest to that number of the people we met on the weekend was there so that must make me a legend and as we were a three generation group a three star legend

As this is a beer related site enough of that. I saw somewhere that Hope Estate claims it is a vineyard/brewery, the first time I had heard that claim and I nothing about it’s being a brewery but safe to say that the beer in plastic cups was not their best effort, I think it was a pale ale, whatever it was it was pretty tame and unremarkable

We also looked into the Lovedale Brewery which is part of the Crown resort, country club/golf club set up. I got the impression the brewery was there because it is trendy to have a brewery. I had a four beer tasting paddle as I was driving:-  Lovedale Lager; a Pyrmont Rye IPA; a Surry Hills Pills and a Potts Point Porter, there was also a Paddo’ Pale Ale but as that was on tap in pubs around town I didn’t have that here. The Rye was the pick as for me followed by  the porter. The prices for the beer was not to bad comparable to the pubs and as the bar was “poolside” it was a nice place to sit on a sunny afternoon.

On the return trip we called in to the Six strings Brewery in Erina for lunch a few beers and a growler top up. There was only three of the Six Strings on tap, just the standards which was a  bit disappointing. To make up the four in  the tasting paddle I added a Riverside 44 and bought a six pack of Hefeweizen  tins to take home as it was not available on tap. Still a very nice place to go for a lunch and a beer but this time was a bit flat.

I had booked for the weekend at the Bellbird Hotel just outside Cessnock. I booked the rooms on the same day as I booked the show tickets because I new that available accommodation would disappear quickly. When booking I asked all the questions about follow and was told that all would be good, my booking was in stone. On arriving at the hotel we discovered all rooms booked and no record of my having booked. This , I was told while unfortunate for us was in no way the responsibility or fault of the hotel and its owner, so that must mean that it is my fault that the hotel is run by incompetent idiots. This is not the first time I have had trouble with pub bookings and just goes to consolidate my view that pubs in general are run to fail and as such deserve to. I am a huge fan of pubs and take a big interest in the operation of them which is the reason this blog was started but over the years I have been writing my view has been constantly confirmed. I have never been able to get e response from either individual hotels or the AHA so I can only assume tat pubs are happy with their lot. if so that means pubs loose the right to whinge

It must be said that the owner did make calls and help us find a place to stay, and we where lucky that there was a cancellation at the Australia hotel so while it cost considerably more we had accommodation for the weekend. This however does not change my opinion that the problem should not have arisen in the first place.

We also went to the Sandy  Hollow pub for a lemon squash on the way there and as well as the Australian and the Bellbird we had a beer in the Royal Oak.



We alos

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