Was in the Station Bar Katoomba for a couple of beers this afternoon, there doesn’t seem to have been much change on since the last time I was here apparently there was a milk stout on between my visits but not today, The Carlsberg Lager is still there, I don’t know how popular it is, either it is the same keg or they had a few to get through.

I had The Big Kahuna from Batch Brewing a Coconut American Brown Ale but I didn’t get any sense of coconut other than a bit of creaminess. Birds Taco a wheat ale which is nice on a warm sunny day, and a couple of middies of Badlands Bitter from the hand pump. I was going to have a Feral Hop Hog but the keg blew so had the second Badlands Bitter

I had an Artic Fox from Blood Brothers Brewery, I had come across the beer before but don’t recall ever hearing a brewery  called that. Also a Black Heart Brewery, a nice  level of maltiness  with controlled hops at first.


IMG_1949 IMG_1951 IMG_1953

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