Recently I have come across a couple of places where cask beer is  available. Good news because I am very interested in this style.
The first place was at the Beervana event in Wellington NZ at the Cassel’s and Sons Brewhouse stand where they had  several small casks of cask conditioned real ale on the counter.
I next came across cask conditioned ale sat Flat Rock Brew House
Then at the Kings Street Brewhouse/Red Tape Brewery stand at the Sydney Good Beer Week,s Sip and Savour event at the Carriageworks, Red Tape say that they have a cask on the bar one Friday a month, I just cant remember which Friday
I have also been told that the Bellvue Hotel in Paddigton has a cask on occasionally though I haven’t checked on that yet.
It is not that hard to find a pub with hand pumped beer around Sydney now and more there are the better, it would be excellent if interest in cask beer would also take off.
While some pubs and bars maintain  that their hand pumped beer is the same as cask conditioned ale. It is hard to see how a de-gassed commercial keg beer and beer drawn directly from the cask are identical. If this is so then surely a hand pumped keg would have the same relatively short (3 day) shelf life when I have known hand pumped to hang on for a lot longer.
I was given to believe that the equipment need to brew cask conditioned ale is available in Australia, though I have still have to verify this as I am very keen to have a go at home brewing this style of beer. also
badlands brewery
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