Kiribilli Hotel
This hotel is conveniently positioned directly outside the Milsons Point Railway station, not a bad looking pub and I got a bit excited when  saw there was a wooden cask on the bar, didn’t last long though because it turned out it was just decorative.
Started the day with a Vale hoppy Brown Ale the Eldorado a bitter American Brown Ale, though I don’t find it overly bitter it is slightly more hoppy than I would prefer. This was the beer  the cask was over.
There seems to be a very popular beer garden, full today with the Friday long luncher’s, only I just remembered it’s Thursday.
A Mountain Goat Summer Ale was my next beer, light , not a big tasting beer.
A Brew Cult, Can’t Fight The Punk, Farmhouse IPA.????? Comes with the burger for $15.00. Can’t argue with that. This beer has a metallic taste , lemony marmalade mouth feel
Mountain Goat IPA an American Pale Ale
 Had a bit of a yarn with the new licensee, Woody who took over from Spencer who moved from 33 Degree Bar in  the New Brighton, how are you supposed to keep track.
IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1907
I have just been to the Beer Cartel event, showcasing the beers fro Kaiju, gypsy brewer from Melbourne brewing out of Cavalier brewery. Five beers where presented tonight, all them a variation of an IPA, all of them after the American style all of them pretty highly hopped, the lowest being 5.7% the highest 10.8%
Starting from the top Cthulhu On The Moon; Double Black IPA;; Metamorphosis; IPA ;; Hopped Out Red; American Red Ale ;; Aftermath; Double IPA;; Where Strides The Behemoth; Double Black IPA.
For my mind the Behemoth was the best out of the five, much smoother than than Cthulhu, and the Aftermath was the next best also being smoother and more balanced than the Metamorphosis, with the Hopped Out Red coming third
Strange names apparently coming from computer games or comics I know nothing about , nice labels but it seems you have to know your modern literature to get the most out of them.
Even if the beers are not always to my particular taste these events are always go nights and the presenter, Callum or Callan from Kaiju was nothing if not passionate about his beers, knows all the buzz words and phrases.
IMG_1913 IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1923
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