First stop the Gilroy hotel

 A nice looking pub in St Leonard’s
Having. Lord Nelson 2IC a seasonal, very nice after my walk here.
A hint of liquorice at the start I thought. Only problem this is a Schmiddy outfit and I hate those, I am trying to work out if I can get a real middy for the walk to the next place on my list. Another reason for disliking schmiddies, ask for a middy and get a schmiddy and then you are faced with an argument so bugger it,I will move on.
IMG_1873 IMG_1876
Cammeray Craft
After a mega walk to get here I am having a Nail Brewing Red Ale, another nice beer from Nail Brewery, hoppy and a bit jammy but going down well.
Also have had a chance to chat with the owner of this place almost as soon a I came. In who goes by the name of Will
I have moved on to a Cavalier Brown Ale , after overcoming my exertions this is a much appreciated beer. Smooth and probably very sessionable though I must call for a pause and move on after the one which  I am sitting on until I have to move on as I will have to do in a few minutes, though I was given a taste of Feral Brewing’s Barriqu Okarma before leaving, bit bitter for me.
Flat Rock Brew Café.
Nail Brewing Beazle. Brew an American golden Ale while waiting for the event to begin, not my style far to hoppy
We went upstairs and watched a cask of English Bitter, being tapped. These are about 40 pints casks, and with 15 pints being pulled tonight it wouldn’t take long to empty it, a very easy drinking beer
Next beer an English Pale Ale,  a quiet  beer, not much like fizzy beer pale ale.
The next Cask was an IPA
While it was herd to pick the  best out of the three , maybe the last beer had more taste, flavour and a bigger body. While I can’t recall the ABV,s I don’t think any where much more than around the 4%
Carl of Flat Rock Cafe brews the cask beer on site for Flat Rock,s own use in his cellar a very nice little set up. He uses small plastic casks which, with all the fittings he gets from someplace in Newcastle, so it might’ve possible for me to have a home brew go at cask beer.
IMG_1885 IMG_1892 IMG_1894
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