I went to the Vesta’s restaurant in Blackheath last night, a very busy and popular place, not all that big. A place that gets some pretty good write ups in the food articles. The food was very good and I have been told the wine list is pretty good. They didn’t have the biggest beer selection of beers but there was a couple of beers from the Petrognola Brewery from Italy. This is the first time I have come across this brewery.  The first beer a “La Bionda” a Blonde, was a very nice beer if not anything out of the ordinary. The other beer was “Nara Al Farro” a black beer, quite a big head, a bit sweet  and quite malty.I think this was the better of the two.

I am going back to Vesta’s on Thursday to a whiskey night, highlighting Japanese whiskey, I don’t know much about whisky let alone Japanese whiskey so I expect it will be a bit of an experience.


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