Called in to the Station Bar and had a Doctor’s Orders Vaccine, a dark hued beer, called a 100% Wheat Wasabi Porter, not a bad beer , so I had another. Riverside 33 Golden Ale was also on tap.

Station Bar has, at least for the moment, Carlsberg Lager on tap, at first I thought it was a waste of a tap, putting this on, but on reflection it might be an inspired choice. Given that there is a rock climbing and bush walking guide outfit across the road that is always full of mighty thighed and bulging calfed young backpacker/bushwalkers, mostly from Europe this Carlsberg might be a best seller, that depends if it lasts until the weather warms as today was not a lager day

For a couple of interim beers I had; Dos Bloko’s , a pale ale from the East 9th Brewing Co in Victoria ; Ghostship,a pale ale from Adnams and Twelve Days, a strong brown beer from Hook Norton. The last being the best, I think.

I wonder why I cant find any mention of the brewery Dos Blokos comes from in the Dan Murphy site where this was bought.

beer x 3


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