Sometimes I hate computers. I worked out all this post once, thought I had saved it but I couldnt find it so have had to do it again hence the time lag.

I went to the 33 Degree Bar for the fourth of July Amercan Tap Take Over. a good event, I thought it might have been a little quite but the bar people seemed happy enough with the way it went.

I am not a hop head and have thought that some American beer should never be let out of its bottle or tin, however after tasting the dozen or so American beers on tap I have to say that all of the beers where very drinkable, There seems a world of seperation between the keg and the bottle or tin. Even the Torpedo, a beer I wouldnt buy in a bottle or can, was good from a keg.

I lost the hot dog eating contest, this is not surprising seeing I dislike hot dogs at the best of times, I would have been more competative if they had given us a beer to go with it but that was not allowed so it was a bit like eating a towel and I lost incentive after the first couple of bites .

I had a bit of a chat with Spencer who had been the bar manager for 33 degree bar but was moving on to the Kirribilli Hotel, I didnt talk to whoever had taken over because he never bothered to come and introduce himself, not a recipe for success I would think.
I did have a couple of talks to the long smiley lad behind the bar whose name was either Tom or Tony, not good with names after a few beer tastings. So heres hoping there is a place for him at the helm of a craft beer bar somewhere as he seemed interested in the craft beer scene.

I have listed the beers on tap below numbered in the order we had them with my scintilating tasteing notes.

CLOWN SHOES; 3) SWAGGER, HOPPY RED LAGER ,, not all that hoppy

SIERRA NEVADA: 2). KELLERWEIS HEFEWEIZEN, German style wheat , only slightly sour Cloudy , a lot more bananas towards the end.
9). TORPEDO IPA, more hops than I would go for but not as much as in he bottles and tins, bitter but not as much as bottled, bitter , not a remarkable beer.

DESCHUTTES; 7 ) FRESHLY SQUEEZED IPA Avery nice easy to drink sessions beer maybe one of the best of the night so for, creamy

SIX POINT; 1) PILSNER THE CRISP PILS ENER,,, NOTE Dry ,,grape fruit hops noticeable but not overly bitter, nice beer
6). 150% CITRUS IPA””,,,, fruity floral hop taste another nice beer.

ROGUE; 4 ). DEAD GUYAle a nice beer changes as you go treaclely sticky,
10). AMERICAN AMBER, Avery jammy beer , marmalade , cloying beer of tonight’s list, a slightly minty smell ( or is that the lip balm) maybe after dinner mints.
11) MOCHA PORTER; a bit rough but it looks pretty.
13) RUSSIAN XS IMPERIAL STOUT,Big taste no aroma at the start ,,,sticky, slight 70% bitter chocolate taste, a bit rough.

STILLWATER; 5). STATE SIDE SAISON, not bitter but has a full on taste, a nice beer.

EVIL TWIN; 8 ). FALCO IPA nice sessions beer with a bit of a hop profile very slightly hop bitters , easy to drink.
12). YIN, IMPERIAL STOUT smooth creamy barbed wire. …. Chocolate dark .


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