On our way to Manly to the 4th of July Tap Take Over we stopped off at the PARRAGON Hotel Circular Quay and had ridiculously expensive ASAHI in a stupid Schmiddy glass (at least I think it was a schmiddy) $17.60 for two
After booking in to the quest house we are killing a bit of time at The Yardarm Tap House with a Murrays Whale Ale Wheat Nd. 4 Pines Kolsch 1/2 pints
Got here before happy so am starting off with. Murrays Whale Ale. Wheat
And a 4Pines Kolsch, 1/2 pints
Murrays Hand pump Punch and Judy
Rocks Hangman Pale Ale
Taste of Pickpocket
Rocks Boxer ,Hand Pump ,,, salty, malty ??

LATE AMMENDMENT : The men’s toilet of the Paragon was out of service with no sign of any maintenance being carried , customers where advised to use the handicapped single cubical toilet. How can a busy pub expect this situation to work

The staff at the Yardarm was a bit slow , and the tasting paddles where $20. 00 for four glasses which didn’t seem much of a deal. I would suggest going in happy hour and you can get four half pints for the same amount, another five dollars and get a bowl of wedges


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