Lord Nelson  IPA . A reasonable hoppy IPA.
Dennis Beer Co. Gold Digger, Golden Ale. I didnt rate this beer particularly highly, I couldnt come up with a description of its initial taste and aroma.
Holgate,s Temptress  Coffee Porter, not a lot of chocolate ,sour cherries maybe, slightly gritty mouth feel, this beer is much different to the first time I had it, aroma acidic, still a heavy beer, a bit disappointing as it is not how I remembered it from the one I had at the Union Bar Newtown, sticky.  Black in colour.
Kaiserdom premium lager in a litre tin typical example of a German lager, not a bad beer but not as exciting as drinking the beer at the Kaiserdom brew house in Bamberg, Germany. I have got to go back to Bamberg they say there are nine breweries there but I swear I got to eleven.

I am going to go to the 4th July American Tap Take over at the 33 Degree Bar in the New Brighton Hotel Manly, if it is a good as the Overseas Tap Takeover a few weeks ago it should be a god night out. I believe brewers will be there. If they can catch the plane this time that is.





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