I went to the Lord Raglan at Redfern today for lunch and a look round, this is the pub recently renovated by the Rocks Brewing Company and is a bar dedicated to craft beer.

I had never been to this place in its previous life so don’t know what changes where made overall apparently the pub was saved from complete dereliction so a lot of work must have been accomplished. Overall it still has a lived in look, if it was a table I might say that it had been distressed for appearances. Inside the bar however it is clean and largely uncluttered.

We had a couple of lunches that where  maybe a step up from usual pub fare and reasonably priced.

What with it being lunchtime and a 120 klm drive ahead of me I had to be restrained and so had only three middies :- Badlands U. Boat,  , A German Style Marzen, all German ingredients, darkish honey coloured A very nice beer which could make it on to my sessions beer list. Boxer red ale Another nice Rocks standard beer;  Rocks “Wet Hop” Dark Ale, this is getting into the hoppy arena and not really my thing. Fair enough while drinking it though plenty of hop bitters, which  was still hitting in the back of the neck over half the drive home ,. Rocks Pickpocket A fruit wit bier using apricots was the wee taste, I would have liked to go a whole glass of this but would have been glass number four making driving a bit leery, I liked the wee taste, I did think it was perfumey, my first thought was grandmas lavender soap 

My drinking companion had:- Indian session ale, not overly hopped, aromatic, light colour,:- Riverside 77 IPA :- Brewcult Hop Zone Session Ale



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