Last night I tried to send an email to Nail Brewing Company through their “contact us” facility of their web page. Do these firms deliberately make it difficult for people to get in touch with them. Of course it didn’t work , I filled in the on screen form, ticked all the required fields, pressed send and nothing, tried again a few more times still nothing. As there was a box to tick that sent a copy to my own mailbox and nothing came through I am reasonably certain the whole exercise was an abject failure.
I am able to get on Nails facebook site but I have no interest in joining one of those threads or discussion that seem to involve everybody but the ones you really want to talk to. I will keep trying to fiNd a way even if I have to print an email off and stick a stamp on and post snail mail. Even that might be a trick however because I don’t recall the contact us site including a postal address or a phone number let alone an email address.
I found a postal address and mobile phone number in White Pages, how dinosaur is that.
It almost gets too hard to say something positive to people, so hard really that now not everything I want to say is quite as upbeat as it would have been if I had been able to get in touch at the outset

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