I went to a family type dinner in Katoomba the other Friday evening to Pins On Lurline ; Katoomba which I think used to be called Pins and Noodles but I might have got that wrong. Anyway apart from the fact that the meals there are very good , a style called fusion I believe, but enough of that, seeing that this is not a food blog but a beer blog, I had a Sapporo draft in a 650ml glass stein, A good beer for the food style, a bit big for some but I didn’t complain.

After the meal went to the Station Bar which will come as no surprise to anybody. The Nail Brewing Company the  Rauchbier, “Smokey Burns” was still on but it was gone by the end of the night and apparently there where no more kegs of it. I am not surprised this beer was so popular as it is a very nice example of the style, possibly one of the best Australian Smoke Beers available. I won’t be alone in hoping that this is one beer that gets another run. I wondered what this beer would have been like on the hand pump, which was still the Holgates ESB. I am hoping that the Holgates Temptress will be on next week.  




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