I am going to blog school tomorrow to try and improve my blogging, so perhaps there will be changes to look.

One thing I will have to find out is why comments go to spam, I doubt if I have enough readers to ignore the ones I do get.

At the moment I am drinking a BLACK HEART BREWERY; SAISON.  a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, this is a nice beer, the fruitiness comes through, though it is up to the individual to decide which fruit, my first guess was apricots but I may be having myself on, the beer is a bit tart at the outset with the malts becoming noticeable as it warms up, the yeast likely having a big affect on the flavour. A pretty good example of one of my favourite beer styles.

I have moved from the store bought beers to a home brewed Black Lager, this is the last beer batch I made before I moved house, that was six months ago but the beer seems to be holding up OK. At least I can identify this bottle because most of the bottles look like a shuffled deck of cards, a couple of dozen lucky dips, some them going back quite a time but I keep the from the light and in a fairly constant temperature so here’s hoping.

Anchor Steam Ale from America, I don’t usually look to America as being the best beers in the world which probably makes me out of step with most, but this is a nice beer, I bought this from the Carrington bottle shop in Katoomba, which occasionally has some different beers on offer. I go in to keep track of the new micro brewery they are building, which should be in operation before Christmas, I was told that they have started to make a few test brews and also that at first they will be going with sessions beers.
Back to the Steam Ale, this one is not making the same impression on as the first time I tried it, it seems a lighter in character than I recall, It is still not bad which I would describe as maybe a bit more than a sessions beer.







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