Being pretty much my local I dropped in to the Station Bar for to see what was on offer, I had a Nails Brewing Nails Rauch, a Rauchbier, possibly one of the better beers of this style from Australia, a good sense of smoky bacon  which lasted nearly all they way to the end of the glass. I must have found it an easy beer to drink because I had three. The other beer we had was the Young Henry Special Edition Triple Hop lager.

The Station Bar has the Holgate ESB on the Hand pump,   I am becoming a bit concerned about this beer because as far as I can tell, it has been on for at least three and maybe four weeks, I did ask about the life of hand pumped beers  but got the impression it was an unwelcomed question. I was quickly told that the beer was kept in a cold room and therefor was in good condition but this is not consistent with conversations I have had in both the UK and Bavaria where beer is pulled from casks which are placed directly on the bar and lasts, so I was told, no more than three days before it begins to deteriorate.

I am now drinking a Dead Dog Stout from the Black Dog  Brewery. not a bad beer, a bit rough as opposed to smooth and mild beers but drinkable all the same and leaving me wondering what I have in the fridge to follow on.




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