I received a response from my post about the Australian Brewery and was sent tasting notes for their regular beers which I have included below.

Good News!!!!!!!

I was also informed that the Australian Brewery is in the process of building a new bar dedicated to craft beer and manned by experienced staff.

The Pilsner

Style – German Pilsner

ABV – 4.8%

IBU – 36

Malts – Pilsner, carapils & wheat.

Hops – NZ Motueka & US Cascade

Tasting Notes – A classic German style pilsner with a twist.  Spicy NZ hops & citrus American hops generate an enticing aroma and a crisp peppery bitterness that balances a lean malt profile.


The Pale Ale

Style – Pacific Pale Ale

ABV – 4.8%

IBU – 26

Malts – Australian pale malt.

Hops – Australian Galaxy & NZ Cascade

Tasting Notes – A characteristically cloudy Australian pale ale with a truly distinctive citrus & passionfruit aromas from Galaxy hops adding to a perfect mix of flavour and drinkability.


The Extra Hoppy Ale

Style – American Amber Ale

ABV – 5.4%

IBU – 60

Malts – Pale malt, dark wheat malt, dark crystal and malted oats.

Hops – Centennial, Chinook, Cascade & Columbus.

Tasting Notes – A striking mix of American hop flavour and aroma; peppery spice and citrus in abundance.  Medium to full body with toffee and biscuity notes and bitterness aplenty.


The Mexican Lager

Style – Mexican Lager

ABV – 4.5%

IBU – 16

Malts – Pilsner malt & maize (20%)

Hops – Liberty & Tettnang

Tasting Notes – Brewed with American maize and lemony Liberty hops to give a deliciously light clean palate with more than a hint of delicate lemon & citrus.  The perfect thirst quencher.


The Rebel Rouser

Style – Vienna/Amber Lager

ABV – 4.8%

IBU – 32

Malts – Pilsner, munich, crystal & malted oats.

Hops – Hallertau, Spalt & Saaz

Tasting Notes – Brewed with an aromatic blend of classic lager hops, this is a full flavoured clean & crisp amber lager that finishes with a hint of biscuity malts.


The Lockout

Style – Spiced Belgian Golden Ale

ABV – 7.1%

IBU – 33

Malts – Pilsner, munich, dark wheat, candi sugar.

Hops – Hallertau, Spalt, Tettnang

Spices – Cardamon, Coriander

Tasting Notes – A strong Belgian Golden ale with characteristic spicy clove yeast character accentuated with the addition of cardamom & coriander.  Highly flavoursome and delicate with dangerous drinkability despite its high alcohol level.


The Fresh Press Cider

Style – Apple Cider

ABV – 4.7%

Apples – Fresh NSW apples pressed in Orange

Tasting Notes – A true balance between sweet apple and refreshing acidity. Our NSW apples are fermented just hours after pressing and you can taste the freshness.


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