I visited the Australian brewery/brewhouse/restaurant at Rouse Hill for lunch.

Maybe a little late, about 1330hrs, there was more staff there than customers and half of the customers where children under five

which probably suited the place as half the staff couldn’t have been more than twelve years older.

As usual I ordered a beer before ordering lunch, I asked the girl behind the bar if there where any tasting notes or a beer list with some sort of description of the beers,but she didn’t seem to know what i was talking about, so consulted with another young person.

I was told that there was no such list and that there wasn’t even a brochure of any description.

Other than the beer names the bar staff where unable to tell me little or nothing about the beers or the brewery

The bar staff where not unpleasant or rude, they just didn’t seem to have been given any training or information

After I had asked a couple more questions bout the brewery itself a couple of the staff went to try and find someone from the brewery itself to talk to me, they also appeared to make a couple of phone calls, but they didnt say how they got on

No one from the brewery or anyone with any information came near us so after another half an hour and before we left I walked around the bars and couldn’t see any sign of a blackboard or any indication of the ABV of the beers 

All of which made it a very unproductive and unsatisfactory visit.

Having said that the meal was pretty good and we tried the following beers

Indian Belgian Ale “Lockout”,,,,very ginger beery, fruity,, easy drinking beers

”Rebel Rouser” Amber Ale,,,, not bad easy drinking beers

”Extra Hoppy Ale”,,,, is hoppy but not extreme, not my style but likely  a nice easy beer  for the hopheads Steam Ale,,, easy to drink but not much going , very small level of hoppy bitterness.

Dark Lager A Schwarzbier Not the same as the one  had at Blacketts Bar in Manly, it seemed easier to drink but not as complex or as challenging, who knows why? maybe time of day, and I did think it was served too cold.  



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