May was a busier than usual month for me this year because it included the TapTakeOver at Manly and the Good Beer Week in Melbourne, both of which are covered in earlier posts.
Manly was definitely a highlight and I must keep my eye open for other such events in Sydney, while it does mean nearly a three hour journey each way by public transport most of Sydney is relatively easy to reach and the trip home should give me a bit of snoozing/recovery time.
Getting to meet the brewers from TO ØL of Sweden and Magic Rock of the Uk was very interesting.
33 Degrees bar of the New Brighton Hotel ran a very good tap takeover run by Spencer the bar manager, the staff seemed to know something about the featured beers, which, it has to be said is not always the case.
My trip to Melbourne was quite busy, I was only there for two days, three nights.
I didn’t know until late that I was going had not arranged tickets to any of the paid events, having left it late I doubt I there would have been any available anyway.
I came across a couple of new beers, at DuNord Bar and restaurant, a Swedish brewery I had never heard of, Omnipollo, whose beers where typically Scandinavian. I liked the Mazarin even though the Nebuchadnezzar was the big prize winner, apparently bring voted worlds best beer.
St Kilda Taphouse was good would have been better if all beers oN the list had been available.
Mr Wolf is a great place to go for a meal and beer, or maybe wine if you must.
Cookie,s, Beer DeLuxe and Capt, Melville all well worth a visit.
There was quite a bit of Rogues beer from America around town and Mountain Goat of Vic had a big presence.
As I didn’t make the “GABBA” event, so I didn’t get a chance to catch up at all the beers on show, but I can’t complain because I think I did pretty well in the time I was there.
If I try to make it next year I will have to be more organised well in advance, and book tickets as early as possible, something I should try and do every time.
Beervana of NZ has been on my mind, I will have to make a decision soon otherwise it will be just like Melbourne  
Another great step forwards in learning how to make the second O to Ø to make
TO ØL; a big leap forward for fans of Scandinavian Beer.

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