I have finished my short run at this event so will try  my hand at a summary

I managed to visit fifteen of the places listed in the hand book, I haven’t counted the different beers some of which where taster size. I have been trying to come up with a best of list but cant decide if I mean beers or the place I tried them. HAANDBAKK at TAPHOUSE was my favourite beer followed by the two from  Omnipollo  Sweden the Marizan then the Nebuchadnezzar in DuNord Bar. I had a couple of decent Rogue beers at Beer Deluxe and Cookie Bar. Just to get back to basics I pulled into the Elephant and Wheelbarrow and had a Tetleys Bitter and a Old Speckled Hen. Three nice beers at Mr Wolf with my meal.  An impossible to pronounce Swiss Lager at the Swiss Club. A Brunswick Bitter at COLLINS QUARTER. I also went to OMBRA SALUMI BAR where they where going three rounds with a feisty Mildura’s keg, I forgot what beer I had there, a Cavaliern, a few good Mountain Goat’s at Capt Melville, The Oxford Scholar and a couple of other places.

My favourite places roughly in order based on my time spent in them was DuNord; Taphouse; Beer Deluxe ;Mr Wolf; Cookies; Capt. Melville

I think the standout barperson was the much ear pierced young bloke at Capt Melville who was very friendly chatty and interested in the event followed by the smiling blonde Nordic girl in DuNord then the barmaid in Taphouse and the man at Mr Wolfs. The English Bar (manager?) knew his subject as well.

The best meal by far was at Mr Wolf. If I had been a bit more alert I would have really liked to try the mixed cheese and ham/salami board at Ombra,s and if the kitchen had been open, something from DuNord

I am sure there will be cries of foul and one eyed bias but the very best beer event I have been to in the last ten days was not at Melbourne at all, but at Manly NSW # see my post Overseas Tap Take Over Manly. While I except that there where similar events being held in Melbourne, not while I was there. Or not that I could get tickets to. I am sure that venues such as the Taphouse, Cookies, Beer Deluxe and probably many others, They didn’t, at least not that I was aware, the closest was the beer line-up at Beer De Luxe

By far the worst thing to come to grips with was the GBW booklet, for a fly in fly out from interstate it was awful


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