GOOD BEER WEEK DAY THREE, or second full day

Might be a bit less active today, I will have to find a few of the places on the list around town and they seem to be a bit scattered, no worries I should cope.

I am in The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, traditional English Pub ,,,, (two of the beers irish). I am having a Tetleys Bitter, slightly different from the beer sold in England has nitrogen is injected into the keg so that it can be pulled through Australian tap systems as opposed to the hand pump. with about a hundred new beers around town, it is nice to go back to basics so will follow up with ,,,
Speckled Hen an English Pale Ale, Greene King Brewery dark in colour caramel malty without being sticky touch of bitterness, slight tannin .

OMBRA SALUMI BAR, CAVALIER Pale Ale which I suppose will be called American Pale Ale, crisp, dry, hoppy bitters, a nice beer, There seems to be quite a lot of. Cavalier activity about, I don’t know much about the brewery where is Derrimut anyway.

It’s posh, at first I thought I was a touch out of place but I have now decided that every other person in the joint is wrong and I am goodo. The last couple of places I
Have been to have been featured in the G.B.W booklet as showcasing craft beer and it is true they have craft beer on tap, but nothing that suggests major commitment to anything other than a couple of examples and those are not out of the ordinary, almost a Dan Murphy’s attitude. Any way I am having. Brunswick Bitter and a good look round. Not a hard beer to drink, far less bitter than a lot of pale ale,s I have had recently

Note I haven’t seen a hand pumped beer, even at the Taphouse first floor bar in Melbourne.

Short walk to the Swiss Club. I have never had a Swiss beer as far as I recall so am having Feldschlosschen Lager, probably close to a Munich Hells, very easy drinking lager which is probably just as well as it comes in a 500 ml tin.

Du Nord
Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar Imperial Pale Ale, strongly hopped ale as the name suggests, more hoppy than I usually go for but if you put much trust in the beer rating sites it is among the best for its type.8.5%

Omnipollo Mazarin, a much more drinkable beer from my view point, restrained hops, much less aggressive, lower ABV @ 5.6%
Had a good long talk with the lovely blond behind the bar (see picture) who, in truth might have been pleased to see the back of me.
It’s funny but a few people in various bars/outlets have agreed that the good beer week organisation has missed the mark in some aspects though I doubt if the organisers would accept that view. The good beer week official program is near impossible to read. The individual entries are not tied into the map and legend in the booklet centre, the map is only of any use to the people who don’t need the map, anybody else stay lost.
I noticed, late in the day that there was a ap to download, not a lot of use to me
TOMOKA, MILDURA BREWING COMPANY, other than that the label tells you nothing , a pretty bland offering pinning, it appears, it’s hopes on being “green” from what I can see the label doesn’t even tell you what sort of beer it is . It appears it is a pale as the producers where undecided as to whether it was a pale or a golden, I might have gone with gold nor summer ale, it has the slight jemmy characteristics of that style, apart from the jammy ness it is a beer with little substance. (see pictures below)

I am in Hardware Lane not far from my hotel it is a short lane full of restaurants where you get talked into one or the other. The interesting thing is on my first pass through I was not approached, obviously as a single I am not the best prospect second time around not so lucky however all the pairs of girls don’t get a chance. I wonder why that is. Anyway Ravioli and a glass of wine given the beer list
The smiling blonde bar girl insisted on being in the photo, how could I refuse , she even checked to see if it was up to her standard. The first two pictures are the Omnipollo beers from Sweden and the third is the Tomoka

I am not sure if this is a pub or a bar which ever one it is I think it will be my last venue, so I am finishing off with a Mountain Goat Hightail Ale an American Amber/Red Ale not bad , a bit astringent to go with the amber jam.

Too early to say if I will try for three in a row next year but if I do I will have to do my research in advance.



She insisted on being in the picture with the Mazarin above and the Nebuchadnezzar below



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