It turns out that my hotel is just across the road from the Victoria Markets so very handy for breakfast.
My shift for show bag stuffing for the CBIA conference this afternoon has been changed from the Mountain Goat Brewery to the meeting centre with no beer connections, bummer ,, but it is on St Kilda Rd so afterwards, I might catch a tram and have a look Round there. Put in my shift show bag stuffing and to keep up strength I had a couple of schooners of 150 Lashes from James Squire and a Mountain Goat Fancy Pants.
On to St Kilda

Why is it so hard to find these places, I am at the Taphouse at St Kilda, Burke and Wills found their way around easier. Starting off with Camden Town Hells Lager to recuperate from the ordeal, a good beer when hot and bothered. Moved on to a Rodenbach Flemish Red Ale, a sour beer but not overly so, may not be quite the beer I had in mind to a follow on to the lager, surprisingly easy to drink.little bit Sticky at the finish. Moon Dog Henry Ford Girthsome Fjord Brown Ale. I am not sure about the Brown bit, a bit rough possibly dry.
At $24.00 a 500 ml bottle I probably shouldn’t have but how often do you get a chance to try beers from the HaandBryggeriet brewery of Norway, at the moment my favourite brewery, so I blew the budget on a Haandbakk, an Oak Aged Ale,8% ABV, a sour tasting beer with more than a hint of smoke which catches at the back of your throat and tongue, not sticky, gets more smokey the longer it is in a glass. I wonder if the oak aged barrel it came from was the same barrel I was leaning on when I visited the brewery a couple of years ago.

Have moved on for dinner to Mr Woolf,s which is an upmarket pizza place with a pretty impressive beer list if that is you don’t bother too much about the tap beers I am not having a pizza but am going for the house gnocchi, and the beer. First off a TO Ol Love Pils, a hoppy pilsners 4.5% MGM , easy drinking beer that doesn’t, give offence
Gnocchi ragout yoghurt and peas for dinner
Red Duck ” Avon Duck” supposed to be a Dusseldorf styled Alt Bier, who am I to argue, whatever while it is a nice beer it is not very exciting or challenging, a slight note of vanilla or creamyness ,5.3% Starting to get a bit thin and watery. So many beers don’t have the legs to carry on to the finish
I heard some people talk about brassyness which might be a way to describe the bitterness of hoppy beers , the metallic taste often still noticeable well after the beer has been finished.
Finish here with a Buxton, Black Rocks, Black a IPA at 6.0%, a bit tarry, black beer , with a brown head, not as bitter as I first thought, again I think this is another beer which gets light or thinner as it goes along, harking back, you could never accuse the HaandBrakk as running out of puff. I wonder sometimes if I am judging harshly when I say that the beers get watery, maybe the beer is in fact smoothing out as it breathes. So much to know, so little time learn.

Have a snag at a snag stand just to say you did

A pity some of the pictures are so dark, blame the bar ambience and not the camera or operator





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