Going to Manly for the overseas tap take over at the New Brighton Hotel
The featured breweries are TO OL, from Denmark, Magic Rock from England and

I went to the “Overseas Tap Takeover” held at the New Brighton Hotel, Manly featuring the following beers
with a few of observations and as usual these are my observations which maybe a couple of referrals to the tasting notes so my choice of adjective may not fit in with others
views and where there are no notes it is probably because I either didn’t take any or I cant read them and does not mean I didn’t like the beer.

Sixpoint Brewery,,,, Brooklyn, USA
Brewer,,,,(did not attend)

Righteous Rye Ale,,,,”sticky,,drinkable ‘ coal fire”
Brownstone Brown Ale,,,,”my second beer, slightly burnt orange  goes malty goes to mild after a while and becomes mild to taste”
Gorilla Warfare Coffee Stout,,,,”coffee chocolate, very good”
Resin IIPA,,,”a little hoppy aftertaste”

Magic Rock Brewery,,Huddersfield, U.K
Brewer,,,,,Stuart Ross:look for the beard

Ringmaster NZ/South Pacific Pale Ale,,,,
Magic 8 Ball Black IPA,,,,,,,”very close to sixpoint brownstone ,bigger and growlerier”
Villanous IPA,,,, ,”My 1st beer  of the takeover, ,,,hoppy not unusual but good drinking”
Punchline Chocolate & Chipotle Porter,, “cigars and chillies according to the note, I got the chillies and I like this beer which had a bit to it”
Cannon Ball IPA,,,,lighter or heavier longer after taste easy to drink.

TO Ol Brewery,,, Copenhagen,,Denmark
Brewer,,,,, Tobias Emil Jensen

Grenadier Pomegranate Tripel,,,
Cloud 9 Wit,,,,”nice but no big statement”
Reparations American Pale Ale,,,,”slightly medicine taste but good, alcohol taste”
Sur Maelk Milk Stout,,,”this to me is a beer in a class of its own , so many characteristics, mint chocolate coffee plum cake ,maybe not a beer for all occasions but by far .as far as I am concerned the beer of the night”

I managed to meet up with both the brewers during the night and had a good chat. as usual they where as generous with their time as i nearly always find with brewers. The Sixpoint crew apparently missed a plane or two
I also  had a chance to talked to Spencer, beer manager and organiser of the event. I enjoyed the occasion which seemed to go off very well from my point of view though I do think I expected a few more to attend

There was the usual compliment of “Beer Brewer Groupies” taking over and making sure they are the focus of all conversation ,, why are they nearly all blondes, often tiny

My Accommodation
Stayed at the Steyne Hotel for couple of nights and at $70.00 a night I reckon they should give us $35.00 refund when we leave
I know, it is budget but the room reeks of wet carpet, and why in this day and age when every body has some kind of electronic gadgetry needing charging do hotels still have rooms where it is necessary to pull beds out into the middle of the room to get to a power point
And don’t get me started on the toilets because they are woeful, old, in a terribly dilapidated state and designed by some local moron. I thought this hotel had been renovated, if so they missed a bit.

My picture taking was as usual pretty crap, I either didn’t take any or they didn’t turn out , got to work on this




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