Stopped off at the Station Bar Katoomba for my weekly visit and had a Badlands ESB from the hand pump, as usual I had my beer in a room temperature glass which to my way of thinking is the only way to drink most beers though especially hand pumped ales,

I had written notes about this in my mini pad but while trying to set the post up it got deleted so I have moved to main machine so here’s hoping for a better result.

Back to Badlands, a nice malty drink not too jammy or sticky.

I also had a 4 Pines ESB to compare with the Badlands It had a taste of malty burnt sugar, to the point of caramel, dark golden no great aroma that I can pick. Good, but would be interesting to see it stacked up against the Badlands on the hand pump, which by the way I went back to,

I had a taste of the Two Birds Taco, I thought it had a big grapefruit presence, from the taste I had I think this promises to be a good drink, I suppose it has been produced to be paired with Mexican style food. Image


I have posted a list of beers that could turn up at the Station Bar in the next couple of months,

It looks like an interesting collection and I am looking forward to them.

I see a Woolshed noted which I will have to look up as I cant recall hearing anything about them



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