I am having a couple of TO OL beers tonight. I have started with the Dangerously Close but no Cigar an IPA, after reading the comments about this beer what the hell do people mean by cedar, cedar this and cedar that,
Where does the average Australian get to be able to detect cedar in all it’s various guises.. Cedar is not in my sensory memory, eucalyptus yes, bush fires maybe, citrus and other recognisable fruits possible but cedar, I don’t think so, is this just more nerdery, Having said this I bought this on the strength of the bottle telling me that as a non hop head I would find this challenging, While hoppy and with hoppy bitterness I didn’t see this beer as overwhelming on the hop side, on the contrary compared to the Y.H of last post quite balanced without the lingering astringency. It did sour up a bit towards the very end but that may be a case for leaving the last sip in the glass. This is a nice beer with a lot to say for itself
I am damned if I know what they mean by body salts, I thought maybe it was something you put in your bath, apparently everyone else writing notes and reviews knows what it means. I dare say the same people who know all about cedar. That said, it was a nice black beer, a bit like Stout I would have called it, ended with a slight bitterness, maybe that was the body salts. I don’t know if I would have said that there was a great deal of coffee in it though the label also said black coffee ale, certainly some residual stickiness



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