If I can last it out I have come to the Station Bar Katoomba to dip into their keg of the 500, apparently this in one of only four establishments to have this beer.
Of course I am too early and they haven’t tapped the keg yet, so while I wait I am having. 4 Pines ESB , a nice beer not overly hopped, bitter with a honey or marmalade taste, I always try to get my beer in a room temperature glass and even so there is not a big aroma that I can detect. A very drinkable beer.
Also to while away the waiting moments till keg tapping time we had a Prickly Moses Commander IPA, smells like a handful of freshly crushed hop flowers, a hoppy beer, a little citrus note, probably a good hot day beer, which misses the mark here in Katoomba today, if it stops raining we may see The doves from Noah’s Ark fly by looking for twigs,.

Young Henrys 500th,Hop Van Damme Double Impact Imperial/Double IPA is on tap at last, not a big aroma, first taste syrupy, treacle/ golden syrup.
I enjoyed drinking this beer while at the bar and didn’t find it over hoppy, an hour later I am still experiencing a metallic astringent taste, lasting long after the last beer, this is my problem with hoppy beers which I think are not balanced because I don’t find the after taste pleasant. This was a nice beer in the bar and it is a pity to have to go or will have to chance the booze bus.



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