I was coming back from Penrith today where I was having my car serviced for rego, so I ducked into the Penrith Panthers Club for lunch and a quick Tooheys “Old”. It has been a fair while since I have been to this place, the meal was good and the old was nice and malty but from a beer view there was not much to drag you in off the street. Just the usual list of beers, there are few bars and at one I counted 18 taps but only seven different beers, one James Squire Pale, one Old the rest as you would expect.
There is. James Squire bar that had the full range but it was closed so not much use. Panthers is probably good value for members but not much use if you want to find ” craft beer”
On the way home I called in to the Leura Cellars to say hello and to check out the latest on the shelves, while I wasn’t necessarily intending to buy anything I walked out with a Nogne O Imperial Brown Ale, a very nice beer as I would expect from Scandinavian beers, dark brown creamy head very malty with a touch of sweetness to it, the label said it that there was “a generous use of hops, particularly American”. I didn’t find that the hops overwhelmed the beer which is a good thing from my point of view. All in all very balanced


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