Dropped into the to the Bitter Phew tonight for the first time, they have I think about twelve taps, maybe more I forget the exact count, and quite a wide selection of bottled beer, like most of these places , a bit dark so my ipad photos are crap, but we do are best.
A sour style beer from Italy salt infusion, smells white winey. Salty . but not the sourest beer I have had.
Went from the salty to the Choc coffee and had the DE MOLEN MOUT AND MOCCA comparing to HOLGATE TEMPTRESS . No comparison
As good as the temptress is and let’s face it it is a good Australian chocolate porter it is not in the same game as the De Molen Mout and Mocca , the more you drink of one the further into the background the other recedes
The M And M luscious and luxurious and thick smooth and creamy.
To my mind beer from the De Molen is among the best beers in the world, may be not the most easy drinking beer on a hot day but very hard to beat.
Then the Le Baladin Super Strong Balgian Ale. I don’t know where the strong ale comes in, may be high ABV at 8% but it is more like a liquor, syrupy and fruity.
Now comes the big bugger beer, The MIKKELLER BLACK TEQUILA /SPEYSIDE IMPERIAL STOUT at 18% which was actually quite easy to drink, apparently this beer spent a lot of timeni a bourbon barrel
Just as well the beer was so good because it was an expensive visit , I would probably drop in again if I was passing though



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