I am home from my trip now so am going to do a bit of a wrap up.
I was away seven days, six nights
Stayed in four hotels
Rode about 1600 k,s
Visited three breweries
Visited and had a beer or lemon squash in 16 pubs and two wine bars
Had breakfast lunch or coffee in 7 cafés or bakeries
The best accommodation was the Cow and Calf
My favourite pub to have a beer in was the Carrington in Orange followed by the Wellington hotel
Number one tiny village pub was in Mumbil
Best pub building for what it must have been in the past and what it could be in the future was the Wellington Hotel
Best brewery was the Six Strings in Erina
Best Beer in pub or Wine bar was Anchor Steam Ale in Pockets, Terrigal
Best courtyard/beer garden was the Church Bar Bathurst
The dearest beer in a pub was in Orange
The dearest coffee, by ninety cents, was the tourist information centre Bathurst, wasn’t even a good coffee,
I don’t think there where to many worst of,s, but worth the note is that
The roads where all sealed and except for the major highway sections, very quiet, surprisingly green, the roads not busy and all in all a good trip.

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