The sign says open 12pm till Late, I suppose that means noon, however perhaps grounds for misinterpretation, pity because I was there at 11am and as an advocate for the twenty four hour clock less confusion all round, except for those who get a bit lost once you get to 1300 hours and on.
The reason for this rambling is because I am waiting till 12pm noon midday until the Church Bar is open, if I don’t get there today it could be some time before I get another opportunity.
Just as an aside I am having a coffee while you wait, gone up ninety cents ($4.90) as I get nearer to Sydney. Four dollars in Milthorpe I reckon that is a cent and a half per kilometre increase.
It should be ok to make my way back to the Bar now.
Got in eventually, still a. Couple of minutes early, compared to the Station Bar, the sister ship this place is much larger and old seat many more people, it is a very nice old ex school building with a great courtyard.
However the Station Bar has a more interesting range of beers, here they have:-
Two James Squires, the Hop Thief and the Four Wives , White Rabbit Dark Ale, which is the beer I am having, Riverside brewing 69 Summer Ale, Peroni, and Little CreaturesPale Ale, there is a Rekordalinc Strawberry something or other and Cider.
It was worth while waiting to come here, it would be a good place for a “do” with all the courtyard space




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