Pale Ale for me probably the pick, advertised as more malt driven than the others.
I.PA next in line
Pilsner, the quest eternal over hopped
All the beers seemed to over rely on hoppyness, I would like to see an ESB or a Brown, there is a Porter as ax rule but not today

This place is the cellar door for the brewery which apparently is in an industrial area and not open to the public, it appears to be called the “agrestic Grocer”
I am having a plough mans lunch which is a bit different to a lot I have had, mostly local produce.

I am staying at the Metropolitan Hotel in Orange, better than Denman but it remains to be seen by how much, certainly busier, their is a motel behind which has some workman crews staying.
There is an Irish pub up the road so I think I will go up for a quick look to see if they have anything different in the way of beery
Biddy Walsh’s Irish pub in Orange it’s empty compared to the other up looks like a Mcdonalds. I am having Mstilda Bay Ruby Tuesday to break the mould. I won’t have another it is a sticky beer, I will wander off and find a traditional pub. Is it strange that the closer to Sydney I get the dearer the schooners become, I have been paying 4.50 to 4.80 the last three days. Gone up now to $5.00 & $5.20 here in Orange.
I made up the hill to the Gladstone Hotel , schooners gone up another ten cents, must be the elevation, nice little pub, a bit more life than the Irish pub but not much
I am now in the Carrington Club Hotel, the price has gone down ten cents presumably because I came down the hill again, this one looks like the roughy of them so far, I haven’t worked out if that is a bad thing or an indication of character.So far I don’t know where to go for dinner, probably one of the touristy pubs other wise I will be all done by 8 o’clock. On reflection So far I think this I’d the best of the four so far
Make that five, I am now in the a Royal Hotel for dinner, looks like a nice enough bistro, another “old” have to have a coffee soon.
There are. Lot of Royal hotels in this part of the world I met a man yesterday who said he was going to do a pub Carl of Royals on his motor. Bike when he retired, reckoned it would take a long time and would involve lots of pubs. I think I have come across four in the relatively small area I have covered so far.




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