Ride from Wellington to Mudgee good ride but a bit glarey today.
Have made it to the brewery and going to have a taste board of six beers starting with the :-

PALE ALE. lingering hops

Wheat Beer, has the banana aroma, I can never identify cloves, easy to drink, maybe a bit thin, biggish banana taste.

SPRING ALE. american pale ale, easily noticeable hops as expected, bitter but not particularly long lasting.

CITRA IPA, I think I could get grapefruit, I am never sure about passion fruit, no big aroma that I could detect, maybe the slightest touch of vanilla, I as going to say marshmallow but I thought that might be a bit silly

PORTER. Certainly not a big start with the aroma, would have expected more, slightly sour, to cold to start, aroma beginning to come in now after five to ten minutes, it is beginning to loose the sourness, given that some chocolate can be quite bitter the sourness I picked out might be taken as bitter chocolate

SMOKEY RED. Certainly smokey to begin with though too cold at the outset, not a lot of early aromas nor at the end either if it comes yo that, smokey flavour lasted throughout.

The RAZZ ALE is not available today but the notes say based on the wheat recipe infused with fresh raspberries fruity and slightly tart, when I asked if it was their take on a lambic I got a funny look.

It was a pretty long way to come to be all over in an hour or so but much more interesting than lemon squash in a one pub town

The menu looks pretty good, if I had got here before eleven I could have had breakfast.
I think the beer with the most character was the Smokey Red, the Wheat was probably the easiest drinking beer, the least impressive for me was the Pale Ale, the CITRA and the Spring were about even, I don’t know if I felt there was a footy beer on the list




20140319-133527.jpgMUDGEE BREWERY AND LUNCH

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