Central hotel seems to a small pub unless there is more of it hidden away somewhere with five taps no “old” though, There was a sign in the wall outside that said breakfasts available but when I checked inside I was told that this wasn’t the case as long as they owned the pub and seemed surprised that there was such a sign. Obviously got finger on pulse.
Federal hotel much larger and they do have “old”. Bistro not open Mondays so I will have to make a dash back to the C and C or go to Macdonalds
The other pub diagonally across the road from the Federal is closed and dilapidated, it was the Courthouse now not much more than a pile of bricks and broken windows with Woolworths behind it, read into that what you will
I am back at the C& C just about the only place open for dinner.
Just to break the mould I am having a glass of local wine, Mudgee wine,
When I commented that they had Mudgee wine but not Beer from the Mudgee brewery my comment was met with a giggle but no comment.
I had Cajun chicken which I is charcoal chicken on rice with a bean ,well it was hot so I don’t suppose if was a salad , anyway and not to be taken out of context, the beans where the best prepared I recall ever eating. I forgot to take a picture,,,bugger. It was a very nice meal. Shall I have desert?????
I did have desert but it will have to be the last one this trip.
I seem to have lost contact with the outside world from my room. It is now 2.30am must be the hoon hour here in Wellington, with noisy cars up and down the road outside,
Breakfast time day two Wellington and still no internet connection either my own device or the hotels free wi fi, always seem to have this issue and it seems for no good explanation.
It is after 8am and I am getting fidgety so I will hunt up breakfast and also try to get in touch with cyber space.
Hopefully back on line





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