Well I am off again, got some sleep after her in the next room turned her tv off at 12.55. Who knew the shopping channel has ads in the m , seems an oddity there , ads in an ad, must be a big market at that time of night for constipation elixirs.
I am breakfasting in Denmans cafe de jour, actually cafe carob, the only choice as far as I can see , bi breakfast and a mug of tea, have to be tea bags luv we don’t do pots, no proper tea. 15 bucks. It’s all an education
Who said riding a motor bike is the free life, jump on and ride off into the sunrise, it would be easier to pack a camel than it is to load up the bike
It’s off to Wellington, there might be a couple of pubs on the way, it will be too early for Merriwa I think but am considering going off the main road to Coolah . I will have to wait and see what is in the smaller towns, that is if you can get much smaller. From here most of the little places will be all new to me, certainly, I have never stopped at any of the places north of the line I am travelling.
It seems my blogs are to wordy so I will send this and do chapter two.

Note….. All spelling mistakes must be taken on board as I am constantly battling with my baby I.pad and it doesn’t like Australian place names, it keeps changing them to words that have no meaning in the context of this blog..

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