I have pulled up at Merriwa, mainly because I don’t know what is between here and Wellington. A relatively easy and quick trip apart from the huge bits of mining gear being move across the country, it’s mainly monstrous buckets or scoops, I suppose for coal mines.
It looks like such a nice day I was surprised how cool it is on the road, though I can feel the heat once stopped so it should get warmer to too hot as the day goes on
I went through sandy hollow, too early to go in but I seem to recall that the Tourist Hotel had. Bit of character, there is only one pub that I’ve seen here and again too early to investigate more closely, from the outside looks to be the average country pub
Took a side trip to Cassilis, tiny little town on the died of a hill not more than thirty houses I suppose. While not open now it looks as if the hotel Is being done up. Fuelled up and had a middy at the hotel and continued my quest for the best sausage roll, still elusive.
I a now at Dunnedoo for a stop revive survive pause.
What is surprising is how green it is, and while very sunny and warm when stopped it is quite cool when moving.
There is a pub here but I will have to leave that for later investigation
Fast and good ride to Wellington, still cool. Have pulled up at the Cow and Calf Hotel, booked in for. Couple of nights, the room here is much better than the last be, still a square box, but freshly painted and more than one power outlet which I can get to without moving furniture, no on suite but then it is a pub and I doubt that could have been achieved without major structural work, bathroom is less than half a kilometre away ,bargain,
Though on a negative note why is it that these places seem to have a phobia with flat surfaces, practically nothing in the room and no more in the bathroom, no worries I will overcome, still trying to work out how to stable my bike.
Beers here, what to say twelve taps and the nearest to something different is Cascade Pale Ale


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