After leaving the brewery I rode to Denman , seemed a very long day but then I didn’t get started until nearly two, couple of big storms so had to wear the wet weather gear so it was very hot and steamy.
I am camped at the Royal Hotel nice enough looking pub but the rooms are a bit over priced for a country pub,
Having a Tooheys Old.
Still challenged by this blog , no way could I add pictures to the las post so I will try now.still playing silly buggers



Take that blog
Am now in the Denman Hotel, the other hotel in town, having a Denman Draught, this is not in the Untapped site and I can’t say I am surprised if it had been I would only have rated it 1.5 at best,wool have a middy of ‘ old to compare it with the other pub!
Back at the Royal for the night , seeing they are happy to charge sixty bucks for the room it is only fair to say that the room is as hot as he’ll full of mozzies the fan doesn’t work and their is only one light globe in the place and that is pointing on the wrong direction, don’t forget no screen door, no chair no wardrobe just two hooks on the wall should be paying me to stay here.
These pubs do some work in the bar spend a bit of money, shiny poker machines, so proud of th selves. How come it doesn’t occur to them to put some effort into the accommodation. They always seem so surprised people don’t stay., what do they expect when all you get for your dollar is malaria
Food was good though: see they can when they try, all the effort I go the dining room an no staying guests to eat there

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