I am at the Six Strings Brewery and Restaurant, early as usual,have to wait 30 minutes before they open.
I suppose that by their nature they are industrial sites and as such there is nothing to see from the outside, it is very hot and I have to resort to sitting on my bike and waiting patiently as I can, at least I am in the shade of the shed.
Have to keep to tastings because I have a fair way to go afterwards.
Well I am in,longest 30 minutes for a long time .
I have a tasting board of
Brown ESB,,, Bobby brown
Red I.P.A.
The a hefe is. A ice easy drinking beer a tiny bit sour with some banana and cloves
So far the Saison I think is the best not to sour and
Bobby is a darker calmer beer probably quite sneaky
The red is a fuller heavier beer with some but not overly hoppy bitterness
Got a taste of a taste of the English IPA
In the spirit of discovery I am having a go of the Golden Ale , not my favourite style as I find them jammy and a bit like burnt marmalade, and this one starts off a bit sticky but ends up bitter

For lunch and as a beer sopper I am giving jalapeño poppers with chilli jam and Moreton bay bug sliders a go.
The poppers are starting to kick in now, at first I thought they were a bit mild probably because they were stuffed with creme cheese
While this place seems a bit out of the away it is beginning to fill up
A big storm has just blown up so I won’t be going anywhere for a while
Finishing off with the saison, a lot easier to drink than the the UK IPA, even though a touch sour.
This is a very clean operation, dry compared to some which often seem awash

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