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Last Friday night I went to a beer versus wine dinner which was held at the Rydges Hotel Bathurst
This duel was between Fish River Valley Brewery and Renzaglia wines.
This is the first time I have been to this hotel which is situated right on the Mt Panorama track and as far as I could tell all the rooms overlook the track
As I had arrived early in the afternoons I had plenty of tome for a quick beer so as the bar had one on tap I had a Fish River Valley Old School
Then, in the beer corner for the event,; round one OLD SCHOOL WHEAT and in the wine corner a CHARDONAY
It was a close fought round with the beer ahead by one point
The wine, a CABERNET MERLOT,,,came out swinging in the second round getting ahead of the beer OLD SCHOOL ALE, picking up points to be five ahead (I think)
In the third and final round the beer, DIRTY SWAMP DARK ALE managed to regain lost points over the ROSE with thr beer ending the night three points ahead
AN evenly matched affair kept clean by the hotel staff with the added benifit of a very good meal of slow cooked pork entree , a duo of lamb and a desert. The pork was particularly good ,which is to take nothing from the other courses. Met at the door with a bubbly, not my thing, and snacks and finished.with a trio of cheeses and crackers, if you can have a duo of lamb you can have a trio of cheese.

The following day I went to the BEE KEEPERS INN which is about halfway between Bathurst and Orange and is the home of CENTRAL RANGES BREWING  calling their beers “1859”
I had a taste of the four beers, so far only available in bottles, a Pale Ale, A Brown Ale, A Summer Ale, and. best Bitter, given the name of this place I would have thought they would have done a Honey Wheat.
Apparently there will be a couple of more beers added to the list and maybe they might even get a hand pump as it looks the perfect setting for on to me wishful thinking on my part maybe.

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